The Red Turtle – Review

There is something beautiful about releasing a silent movie. Unlike The Artist (which, is a novelty film at best, and completely derivative and boring at worst,) there have been plenty of successful silent movies such as Return the Babylon, Blancanieves,  and, yes, Shaun the Sheep.  To craft a dialogue-less film and make it appeal to mainstream audience and a critical one too, that takes skill … Continue reading The Red Turtle – Review

Peter Rabbit – Brand New Trailer!

This was all going so well. Based on a series of popular books by Beatrice Potter, Peter Rabbit was a cheeky, blue jacket wearing titular animal who bounced across the garden of the hapless Mr McGregor nibbling at this vegetables. Beloved by all, Peter was a rambunctious character children adored. Then came a brand new update with an ever-popular television series and a young generation … Continue reading Peter Rabbit – Brand New Trailer!

Song to Song – Review

What unspools is two hours and nine minutes of unbridled boredom, in which the viewer is invited to reflect, ‘why am I here? Why do I watch movies? Is this a movie? Why can’t Malick make films with real people who are closer to the characters instead of stars? Is it because he needs finance? But what do the actors get out of it? Where’s the exit? Continue reading Song to Song – Review

London Film Academy Announce £23,000 Scholarship for Promising Female Filmmaker!

As with so many industries, the number of male filmmakers vastly outweighs the number of females. This is a terrible shame, and it is the reason why there are numerous companies out there offering incentives to entice more women into the line of work. One of the biggest companies in England is the London Film Academy (LFA) which is also Britain’s only women led film … Continue reading London Film Academy Announce £23,000 Scholarship for Promising Female Filmmaker!

Baywatch – Review

Perhaps it began with Starsky and Hutch? It was certainly perfected by 21 Jump Street. Parody-esque reboots of vintage TV shows have been peppered through recent film history. They’re fun, they’re dumb, and they’re a good Sunday afternoon watch. Baywatch pretty much fits the bill, there. Taking the reins from the untouchable David Hasslehoff, Dwayne Johnson steps into the shoes of Mitch Buchanan in this … Continue reading Baywatch – Review