The Paddington movie, or rather the success of the Paddington movie came as a huge surprise to audience back in 2014. The idea of Michael Bonds beloved stories featuring a talking Peruvian Bear adopted by an English family in London, still mesmerise generations of children. When it was announced the little bear would make his way to the big screen with a live action cast and CGI form, audiences were a little sceptical.

Luckily for everyone who saw the film, the result was a funny, warm, and heartfelt interpretation of Paddington for the big screen. Our furry friend looked amazing, alongside his family the Browns and the film won the hearts of all.

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When a film does that well, a sequel can never be too far behind. Yet with Paul King once again as writer/director and David Heyman as producer the idea had potential. All the principle cast returned with Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins as the heads of the Brown family with Mrs. Bird once again be played by British Legend Julie Walters. New additions included Hugh Grant replacing Nicole Kidman as the films dastardly villain alongside Brendan Gleeson as Knuckles, a criminal safecracker.

This time the film will show Paddington now settled with his adoptive human family. When he finds a strange pop-up book he wants to buy for his Aunt Lucy, he begins to find odd jobs to pay for it. When the book is stolen, it is up to Paddington and the Brown’s to catch the thief and find the book.

To celebrate the films impending release, I was invited by StudioCanal and Heyday to view a sneak peek at some of the film. And I am happy to report, as someone who adored the first film, the second one looks to include all the humour, warmth and quirkiness that made the original such a hit.

The first scene we gained access to was one of Paddington showing his great Aunt Lucy around London. The two stroll along iconic sights of the city Paddington is happy to call home. Aunt Lucy had gone to live in the home for retired Bears so her appearance in London must be a visit.

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The second peek shows the Browns attending the opening of a steam fair. Opening the fair is former celebrity Phoenix Buchanan played by Hugh Grant. The two share the stage and Phoenix hears of the mysterious pop-up book Paddington hopes to buy for his Aunt’s birthday.

If the scene where Paddington and Mr Brown break into the Geographers Guild, (with Mr Brown in Drag no less) was a highlight then fear not. Mr and Mrs Brown breaking into a neighbour’s house will be a delight.

The final scene shows Paddington having to hold his own around a group of criminals. With simple tasks such as washing going wrong, Paddington must prove himself when he is locked up. This scene also introduces us to Prison cook and resident hard-man Knuckles, played by Brendan Gleeson.

All in all, the films visuals, cast and narrative are shaping up nicely. The film will be released here on November 10th and I for one am excited. The film’s release also has a bittersweet note with the recent passing of Paddington creator Michael Bond. He will not get to see the final film but in his books, stories, and, ultimately the films, his legend will live on in a lovable little bear that teaches us the value of kindness.

Are you excited for Paddington 2?
Paddington 2 is out November 

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