Dream Journal (Short) – BFI Film Festival Review

I don’t need an entire article to review Dream Journal. I only need seven words: What the FUCK did I just watch?

Dream Journal is a three minute short film and part of Channel 4’s Random Acts, random being the operative word here. The short describes itself as amateur 3D animation and computer generated niche erotica.Throughout the film’s runtime, we follow a head placed on top of a pair of legs as he moves through several different dreamscapes, each more insane than the last.

It’s hard to pick a favourite scene out of the several that are shown, you may enjoy the knife-fingered blob demon turn a man into a puppet, or you might enjoy the girl in a gingham dress with a second face for an anus that spews white liquid… or you might like none of them and find yourself running off to join your local monastery or convent to never have to think about sex and erotica again.

Despite the mental horrors that are sure to arrive with the coming night, there is a curious compulsion to keep watching until the bitter end (a compulsion that is definitely helped by the film being only three minutes long.) The animation is simplistic, and there isan almost sub-conscious hypnotic force that seeps out of your screen and forces you to discover the next deranged act in this theatre of the absurd and obscene.

You can’t un-see what is placed before you. Instead, it has trapped you. You are now its slave, and you will do whatever the Dream Journal wishes. There is no escape, but don’t worry, we’re all free in some special way. The only problem is finding out just which way that is so we may find salvation in our nightmare existence.

Dream Journal plays as part of BFI London Film Festival
See it in Strange Worlds Shorts Programme 

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