Annihilation – Brand New Trailer!

Alex Garland has brought us some of the best films. From 28 Days Later to the phenomenal Ex Machina, Garland has proven how spectacular he is. Now he returns for Annihilation. Starring Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaacs, Annihilation revolves around a biologist who searches for her missing husband while looking for a dangerous creature lurking in the wilderness. This film looks enticing and brilliant, with … Continue reading Annihilation – Brand New Trailer!

Looking Back…Blade Runner: The Final Cut (1982)

There has been a constant fascination with science fiction. Since man started to charter the stars and wonder beyond our wildest imagination, pen put to paper has always created some grand ideas. When movies came into our lives, it wasn’t long before there were aliens, spaceships and more. Writers and directors were always coming with mad ideas of the future and how easy it will … Continue reading Looking Back…Blade Runner: The Final Cut (1982)

Pecking Order – Review

If there is a story, there is a documentary. There is a beauty in that. People tend to think of the format as something sacred for debutantes, celebrities, and ginormous events springing up in human history. But time and time again, the filmmakers have proven that even the tales of our family and friends would make riveting materials for a film. I mean, the best … Continue reading Pecking Order – Review

Ritzy Shorts: Prano Bailey-Bond & ‘Nasty’ Interview!

by Robert Makin. Ahead of our special shorts night with International Review, and Ritzy Cinema, we’re featuring the directors and their short films. Today we’re talking about Nasty; a film revolving around VHS video nasties and a 12 year old boy looking for his father.  To celebrate the screening, we spoke with director and writer Prano Bailey-Bond How did you first get involved with the project? I was … Continue reading Ritzy Shorts: Prano Bailey-Bond & ‘Nasty’ Interview!

Looking Back…Young Frankenstein (1974)

Does anyone else ever have a fear of going back to watch old comedies and not enjoying them? Let me explain; I’m 19, so the comedy that I’ve grown up with is what we’ll call “Apatow-influenced”. In other words, raunchy comedies frequently centred on average looking men navigating awkward and uncomfortable lives with lots of swearing, sex, and the same group of actors bunched together … Continue reading Looking Back…Young Frankenstein (1974)