Berlin Syndrome – Review

Travelling has always been something completely terrifying, especially when you do it alone. You have to put your faith in strangers miles away from home. Despite being in a world where you can call, text, or contact friends and family on social media, the strangeness of a city can really burden your experience. This is especially so when there are people globally ready to exploit … Continue reading Berlin Syndrome – Review

Beyond Skyline – Brand New Trailer!

We gotta love a bit of kickass  extra-terrestrial  romps so we’re hyped for Beyond Skyline.  The film, a sequel to 2010 hit Skyline, revolves around an LA detective who’s city is invade by aliens. Detective Mark and his son are the only survivors who head to  Southeast Asia and come across the deadly Sua. Soon it is an intercontinental fight to save the world. Starring … Continue reading Beyond Skyline – Brand New Trailer!

Kaleidoscope – Brand New Trailer!

Mothers are certainly the people who affect us the most. No matter what they do, they’ll have the biggest impact on our lives. There are literal horror movies made on this subject… And here’s another one. Based in the darkest parts of a man’s mind, the film revolves around mild-mannered Carl as he attempts to rehabilitate after prison. Moving on with his life, when his … Continue reading Kaleidoscope – Brand New Trailer!