To Wendy, Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You (Short) – BFI London Film Festival Review

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; there are some film titles you just can’t say no to. Regardless if you know what it’s about, who’s in it, what genre it is, some titles just grab you by the collar and say “Yeah, you definitely need to see this”. Some films live up to their amazing titles. Unfortunately, To Wendy, Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You doesn’t quite stick it.

The film follows Sid, a timid hotel concierge who is fascinated with the complex, aviation obsessed cleaner Wendy, and a strange romance blossoms. It’s a weird and offbeat little film that is admittedly ambitious, and the performances are very good, but there’s just something about this film that doesn’t quite work. I can’t quite place it; it’s purposely unconventional and that works in it’s favour, but at no point does it really feel like it’s going anywhere worthwhile. It transitions from scene to scene with no real engagement or reason to care, like they’ve been randomly strung together into a 10 minute film. While it’s intentionally jarring, it’s off putting in a way that I’m not sure it was supposed to be.

Having said that, it’s very well shot; the cinematography is impressive and there’s clearly a lot of passion put into the making of this film. And previously mentioned, the lead performances from Montserrat Lombard and Amit Shah are great. The pair carry the film with their excellent chemistry, but overall, To Wendy, Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You has something missing that makes it a hollow and off putting experience.

To Wendy, Who Kicked Me When I Said I Love You is part of BFI London Film Festival! 

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