London Film Festival: Tiger Girl

Tiger Girl is an acquired taste. An initial flavour that excites and makes you crave more, only to diminish rapidly leaving a great thirst that ceases to be quenched. Directed by Jakob Lass, this German punk-pop infused dark comedy of sorts tells the tale of local vigilante Tiger who initially fights crime only to transform into a vandalising maniac taking down a security guard trainee … Continue reading London Film Festival: Tiger Girl

The Death of Stalin – Review

Moscow, 1953 wasn’t exactly anyone’s vision of Utopia. Strict Soviet, totalitarian regime; secret ‘trigger happy’ police and the onset of constant paranoia (alongside toilet flushing) consumes the nation as they become convinced their own homes are spying on them. People were rounded up and shot on the spot accused of leaking information at an incredibly alarming rate, all for one dictator on one hell of … Continue reading The Death of Stalin – Review