Rise of the Footsoldier 3 – Review

Everyone likes to watch a film where they don’t have to think once in a while. A simple action flick or rom-com that occupies your mind for long enough to forget about that important thing that you desperately need to do, but are putting off. Although, whilst watching such cinema, you would hope there was a point to what you are witnessing. Sadly, for Rise … Continue reading Rise of the Footsoldier 3 – Review

Bladerunner 2049 – Review

Bladerunner 2049 is visually arresting and overlong. *Full disclosure, I only saw Bladerunner last year, and fell in love as all others did before me. Set 30 years after the original, this sequel tells the story of an advanced replicant, Ryan Gosling’s Agent K, a Bladerunner, who retires the older replicants, these older models are prone to rebellion. With Tyrell Corporation collapsing soon after the … Continue reading Bladerunner 2049 – Review