Blockers – Brand New Trailer

A new trailer for parent comedy Blockers has been released. The American comedy is the latest in a string of gross-out, exaggerated plot films that aims to make the audience ball out laughing.

The film focuses on three parents who become friends when their youngsters meet at school. Soon the three girls have grown and are preparing for prom. While snooping through one of the girl’s computers they realise their children are planning to lose their virginity on Prom Night. Quickly the parents decide to cock-block their plans, with disastrous results.

The film is the directing debut of Kay Cannon, who is better known for her writing work on Pitch Perfect and 30 Rock. The trailer shows the youngsters just trying to have fun while two dads and one mum attempt to stop them having sex. The result is the standard gross-out antics and far-fetched scenarios including a butt chugging competition between a young guy and dad John Cena. The film has a lot of parental humour, including them trying to figure out the meaning of emoji’s and language.

This may not look to be anything particularly original but the film includes a very watchable cast, with Leslie Mann, John Cena and Ike Barinholtz. With a talented writer behind the project could this be more than it seems?

Blockers will hit cinema’s April 2018.

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