Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond – Brand New Trailer!

Do you remember what it was that made you love film? I do; it was Man on the Moon, and watching  a man I came to adore simply because he could pull stupid faces and make his arse talk transform into this astounding human being. Jim Carrey is the author of my film loving life – Whether or not he, his arse, or even I exist is apparently debatable – and this new Netflix documentary is an open look into the 1999 film, and the way he chose to portray famed performer Andy Kaufman…Both on set, and off.

Now I’m sure to many people, this is just another documentary to make for a good watch and learn a little bit something new about a great film, but to me, this is like Netflix is saying “Hey, Robbie, come and see in full detail the reason you do everything you do”. This is quite easily the most exciting thing I could possibly imagine, and the fact that it’s just under a month away is painful.

Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond will be available on Netflix from November 17th.

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