Unpopped Kernels: Third Contact (2013)

It’s one of those inspiring stories. Third Contact was filmed by Simon Horrocks for an extremely low budget of £4000, on a hand held camera and having to space the filming out because he had to fit it around schedules. Raising the money on Kickstarter for PR and publication, this truly independent film made waves and gained momentum, including a premiere at the BFI Imax . What Horrocks proved is that no matter what the production value is, if you have an extreme amount of talent and a strong cast then it will be a masterpiece. And with Third Contact, Horrocks has created a dark, complex but ultimately stunning movie.

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Third Contact is a chilling tale centred on psychiatrist Dr David Wright. Depressed and disillusioned in his work, David finds himself emotionally torn after the suicide of a patient and the loss of his lover. When the patient’s sister comes to collect his things and investigate the strange surroundings of her brother’s death, Wright discovers a more sinister force is afoot. After another suicide of patient, he investigates further and finds that life and death as he knows it may not be all they seem. Captivating till the last minute, Third Contact is a thought provoking thriller that keeps twisting and turning.

Third Contact is a dark and somewhat disturbing movie that keeps you blissfully bewildered, slowly revealing the story minute by minute. Reminiscent of movies such as Le Jetee and Blade Runner, Third Contact drags you through profound thought and increasing tension by slicing the plot up and making you work for the conclusion. Dealing with physics and life after death (or seemingly, life and death existing as one) this complex story is written with genius perfection. Not willingly to treat the audience as fools, Horrocks screenplay has delved us into a puzzle that sticks with you long after screening.  Hauntingly, we are swept on this mystery with David (played impeccably by Tim Scott-Walker) and given the clues as he sees them. Horrocks has used the low budget and production to enhance the story. Filmed mostly in black and white, Third Contact is shot from confusing angles, with blurred and colourful memories merging into one. You are plunged into David’s state of mind as he journeys through the entangled web he has been lead into. This captivating slightly off cinematography adds to the depth of the story and on the whole envelops you in a thrilling piece that sinks into your pulse.

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This movie really is a piece of art and with a strong cast and crew, Horrocks has produced a film that Hollywood has been yearning for. More fool the production companies that swept this film aside, because Horrocks, off his own back, has produced a ridiculously tantalizing movie. Third Contact is brave and beautiful. It is a layered movie that is a question of philosophy and mortality, where the happy are insane and “death is an outdated concept.”

Third Contact is available on Amazon Prime!

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