The Princess Bride – 30th Anniversary

There are movies that capture a generation. Generations even. Continuously spell-bind. ng us, casting audiences away to far of land of mystery and intrigue, this films instil us with a sense of wonderment and joy that continues over decades. Parents will introduce their kids, who’ll introduce theirs, and so on and so on… The Princess Bride is one of those movies. 30 years on, we’re … Continue reading The Princess Bride – 30th Anniversary

In This Corner of the World – Review

Anime is becoming a regular feature in a cinema-goers life. Thanks to the work of the acclaimed Studio Ghibli, anime is no longer confined to a subculture of fans or film-lovers, instead developing into the mainstream whilst we all sit in glee. The splendid illustrated films from overseas fill our lives with sublime hand-drawn tales that are joyful, poignant, and unique stories. Occasionally, you’ll get … Continue reading In This Corner of the World – Review