Taika Tuesday: Eagle vs Shark (2007)

New Zealand isn’t well known for breaking box office in any other country. In fact, name one film for me that came from New Zealand film industry. No, The Flight of the Concords was not a film. Brilliant, yes, but not a film. While we may have marveled at its scenery in Lord Of The Rings, we have never seen the heart and soul of … Continue reading Taika Tuesday: Eagle vs Shark (2007)

Phantom Thread – Brand New Trailer!

NEW PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON! NEW PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON! NEW BLOODY BRAND NEW PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON! Yes, that’s right! It’s time to get completely excited! Phantom Thread stgarrs Lesley Manville, Vicky Krieps, and, of course, Daniel Day-Lewis! It revolves around 1950’s dressmaker who’s tailored life because disrupted by the love of a woman. How bloody excited are you for this film? We’re absolutely stoked! Phantom Thread … Continue reading Phantom Thread – Brand New Trailer!

Journey’s End – Brand New Trailer!

War. Bloody war. Brutal, bloody, and unjust war. We have a history of world changing battles that killed millions and left us shocked throughout the decades. Every so often, we’ll get a brand new film that’ll teach us more about the horrors. This is the case for Journey’s End.  Starring Asa Butterfield and Sam Claflin, Journey’s End revolves around the WW1 in 1919 France as … Continue reading Journey’s End – Brand New Trailer!

Taika Tuesday: Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

I’ll be candid: I love Taika Waititi. Long and lonely college nights were miraculously saved by countless re-watches of Flight of the Conchords, Boy, and Eagle vs Shark. That last one particularly more so than anything. The Kiwi directors staple for humanistic comedies with dry and surreal humour melded in one pot made my belly ache from sheer laughter. Two years ago, my admiration for the writer and … Continue reading Taika Tuesday: Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)

12 Strong – Brand New Trailer!

Chris Hemsworth is certainly the man of the moment with the impending release of the latest Thor movie. So naturally, with one movie on it’s way, we’re gonna get another trailer for the actors upcoming release. This time it’s 12 Strong. The film revolves around a US Special Forces team who are sent to Afghanistan to join forces with General Abdsul Rashid Dostum to fight … Continue reading 12 Strong – Brand New Trailer!

Bushwick – Review

Bushwick feels like it’s trying to be a curious combination of The Purge: Anarchy and Red Dawn, with a healthy dollop of the American Civil War 2.0 thrown in for good measure as the film follows Lucy, (Brittany Snow) a 20 year old student who has returned to her home neighbourhood of Bushwick with her boyfriend, only to discover masked men shooting everyone in sight … Continue reading Bushwick – Review