DirectedByWomen: Class of 2017 – Genesis Cinema

There is a saying; Behind every good man is a great woman.

Sometimes, however, the great woman decides it’s time to step out from the shadow of men and remind us all that men aren’t the only ones who can do things.

It is from this that Genesis Cinema is hosting DirectedByWomen 2017 on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of November!

Over this two day extravaganza, you will be subjected to some of the greatest films from the past year that were directed by women including such wondrous stories as:

Wonder Woman, Detroit, Certain Women, Raw, Maudie, Their Finest, Lovesong and The Beguiled.

The festival starts from 12:30 on the Saturday with Wonder Woman being introduced by the wonderful, amazing and definitely not holding a gun to my head as I type this Sarah Cook, Editor of  We Make Movies on Weekends and director of The Rogue Table and Toby.

This event is sure to entice plenty of film aficionados, so make sure you book your tickets now!

DirectedByWomen 2017 starts on Saturday November 11th!

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