It Comes At Night – Review

by Ren Zelen (Possible Spoilers in Review)  Deceptively titled and oddly mis-marketed as a horror movie, Trey Edward Shults’s second feature It Comes at Night might much more appropriately be viewed as a ‘post-apocalyptic psychological family drama’. I’m often loath to place a movie under a genre classification, because certain movies might straddle several genres and don’t easily fit into pigeonholes. However, if you go … Continue reading It Comes At Night – Review

All Eyez on Me – Review

Tupac Shakur will always be remembered for his incredible contribution to music. Before Hip-Hop became about attainment and wealth, the early front runners used music as a form of social awareness.  The genre, always associated with violence and not without an aggressive tone, spoke of communities forgotten by middle America. The rapper’s music, poetry, teachings, and videos are some of the most inspiring from the … Continue reading All Eyez on Me – Review