The Weekend Binge – Legion

We get it. You’re sick of superheroes. Guess what? We are too.

Back in the day this was a niche genre, appearing every few years and dazzling us with their caped crusade. Nowadays, you cannot move before spandex clad genitals are thrust into your face. We’ve had so many that we’ve experienced each incarnation; from independent, gritty, and real characterisations to bonkers and bizarre depictions, we’ve had our fill of super-powered people trying to save the day.

They’ve even infiltrated our television screens with shows such as Arrow and Daredevil  And if there was one thing in Superheroville that we were even more exhausted about than the general gifted genre, it’s X-Men. Yawn.

So the idea of a television series looking at the son of Charles Xavier seemed as though the mutant mining was running dry and, I suspect, you’re feeling it too.

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But you’re wrong, like I was wrong. Legion comes from Fargo front-runner Noah Hawley. And in those hands, it is genius.

Starring Dan Stevens, Legion revolves around David, a paranoid schizophrenic living in a mental health institute alongside his friend Lenny. When he meets Syd, a woman who refuses to be touched, he easily falls in love with her. But she is harbouring a secret: She’s really mutant with the ability to swap consciousness with anyone she touches. After their first kiss leads to mayhem, David soon discovers that there is a power under his illness…as well as something terrifying…

Dan Stevens is electrifying as David. He has to transcends different versions of the lead character; happiness, sadness, confusion, heroism, and plain evil. All embodied in his performance, Stevens’ presence on the show is wonderful. That being said, the real star here is Aubrey Plaza as The Shadow King. Transforming into Lenny, David’s fateful best friend, Plaza becomes this spectacularly demonic and twisted character, tormenting David from the inside out. She is demented; a true villain that sends shivers down your spin as she worms further into David’s subconscious. Plaza is seductive and sinister, crazed and compelling. It’s her best role.

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It’s also with this that Legion’s scope and aesthetic changes. See the events we are being shown are immersed through his illness and The Shadow King’s manipulation. egion has produced some of the most (and literal) mind-bending episodes that have ever graced superhero TV. Nay – usual TV. Creator Noah Hawley has melded mental eccentricity with power drama and intriguing character development whilst also producing memorable scenes in the shows unusual set-design and scene exploration. Characters are dressed in seventies attire and moments shift and alter in front of you, depicting David’s confusion extremely well. Set to an impossibly brilliant score by Jeff Russo (you can see his work more recently on Star Trek: Discovery,) and Legion levitates into this exceedingly unique and visceral television show.

Let’s talk about the best episode because, honestly, I’ve been waiting to shove this in your faces since I caught it on television. Episode 7 is going to be one of your greatest televisual experiences of your life.

*Spoiler Alert*

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Episode 7 sees David and Lenny in a grip over his subconscious. Fully taking David over, The Shadow King is utilizing David’s powers in an attempt take over the world. With time frozen, David is ready to fight back…with help from himself. This multi-layered episode is impeccable. The film sees Dan Stevens playing opposite himself as he tries to breakdown what’s happened in his life and what he can use to fight against this entity. In another plane, the hospital is viciously rebuilt with The Shadow King taunting all of David’s friends and colleagues whilst Olivier, who’d been previously trapped in time, attempts to stop the villainous ploy. Impeccably written and executed,  the crescendo is magnificently done; as David smashes through the layers of his mind, The Shadow King torments Syd and crew in an epic silent movie homage (making their actions all the more graphic.) All set to the Bolero. It’s incredible.

 Legion blazed through its season with wit, originality, and terror; it is unique against the backdrop of mutant and superhero fatigue, offering a new spin on the genres that we know. I’m excited for you to watch it and for what Season 2 has to offer.

Legion is available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD now! 

Thoroughbreds – Brand New Trailer!

Sometimes a film surprises you. And by that I mean, a film that wasn’t even on your radar then you catch it at a film festival and, bam, you are completely obsessed?

That’s how we feel about Thoroughbreds that we adored when it showed at London Film Festival! 

Starring Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy, Thoroughbreds revolves around teenager who feels nothing opposed to a teenager who feels everything. Lily and Amanda are friends who reconnect only to start a devilish plan. S
With one of the last performances of Anton Yelchin and the debut film of director Corey Findley, Thoroughbreds looks to be a spectacularly dark and must-see film. What do you think?

Thoroughbreds is out March 2018! 

Unpopped Kernels: Steve Jobs (2015)

Every once in a while, a good movie fails. It absolutely hurts to see money poured into a defunct and defective movie series rather than an original film but you can’t blame the public for their trepidation or choices; we all are at the mercy of marketing and, simply, our own tastes. For Steve Jobs, there are many reasons why it hasn’t pulled in the cliental it was expecting. As you leave your screening breathless, heart-racing, and covered in this sweat only good art can create, there is a sense that, whilst wrong, the campaign just didn’t reach the people it needed to; dustily damning it to the VOD audience that’ll hopefully secure it for years to come.

It’s a shame because, as mentioned, Steve Jobs absolutely deserves future successes.

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For those who do not know the plot, I’ll keep it brief – Steve Jobs revolves around Apple’s acclaimed leader and the three key points that solidified him into the history books – the Mackintosh, the NEXT. and the iMac. However, as he battles an ex-lover and his illegitimate daughter as well as those he has burnt in order to become successful, Jobs faces more enemies than just the market as he orchestrates the biggest technological breakthrough of our time…

Running away in from the cliché of biopics, a fact that you’ll happily relish from the first impact of dialogue, Andy Sorkin’s words set an excellent foundation for a succinct yet enthralling movie. The discourse is thick, heavy, and may seem crassly dull for those off put by wordy drama (which, let’s face it, is all of us at one time or another.) Yet Sorkin’s enthralling screenplay allows you to dabble in all of these characters in a chess game of tech-savvy people hoping to illuminate the world. Rhythmical in execution and uncondescending to those without a brain cell wired into a computer mainframe, Steve Jobs rolls almost like an amazing song and is heightened by palpable sentiments and events.

At the time (because, let’s face it, this year has been terrible for Fassy’s cinematic choices,) Michael Fassbender was truly having a year of great cinematic choices. Between this, his stunning portrayal of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and the arguably underrated Slow West, Fassbender was producing some of the most visceral and poignant work with such a ferociousness that his only peer is his X-Men co-star James McAvoy and I’d happily champion a two-man drama with them at the core of it. Fassbender, though looks wise is strikingly unlike Jobs, captures a man on a mission – to be successful and clearly Jobs is unafraid to wield a scythe to reap the rewards of other people’s labours. In his Jobs, though the makings of a remarkable man is there, Fassbender implements an unappealing genius who can set the world alight but burn all those around him. It’s no easy feat to perform as an iconic man without making him either God-like or a demon – yet Fassbender claws into the roots of Jobs and weaves a rather human portrait of a man pirouetting between both paths. Just watching Fassbender paint the quirks and mannerisms of Jobs takes you into this enigmatic character and, whether it is anger or joy, allows you to feel the most of that particular emotion. Alongside him Kate Winslet and Seth Rogan, as the Queen and Rook of Jobs’ game, serve glorious purpose at fleshing out the meat of a poetic biopic.

As Jobs utters in the film, “I am the man who controls the orchestra,” and, indeed here, Danny Boyle is hones in the musical elements that ensnares you into a world of drama, ambition, and somewhat damnation. Utilising some exquisite camera positions that echo his distinctive style yet frame the story in such an emotive stage-like way, Boyle crafts a film here of true wonderment that cases a man driven by his determination as though we peaked behind the curtains of his play.

There is one scene here that is so glorious in juxtaposition between past and present, scored by the utmost eloquent classic music, and speared ferociously by the chemistry between Jeff Daniels’ and Michael Fassbender. Terrific in its terseness, bating speech, and the movement between time periods, Boyle masterfully flicks that direction wand and allows all the pieces to merrily play along with a deep angered drum beat and an emotion bassline. Boyle’s work lately hasn’t received widespread acclaim but there is no denying that the blood he bleeds into his films enriches the industry.

If I wasn’t so in love with Macbeth – which, not erroneously, also stars Fassbender, then I’d happily declare Steve Jobs as the movie of 2015; strange because it’s not the type of film I’d warm to in such a manner. Yet when you look at the intricacies of script, acting, and direction that dare to push the boundaries of biopics and even filmmaking – something that would make Jobs proud, I’m sure – then you can’t help but feast bountiful in the impeccable product Boyle and his team have presented here. One could argue that the three act structure could be easily transferable to the stage and the sense of pure thespian direction that is teamed with the urge to pull an audience into the character foremost is easily the best cinematic product to come out of this year’s overzealous gifts.

Much like Jobs’ personal projects, it is understandable why audiences haven’t flocked and it has been a financial failure. Perhaps the thoughts of Ashton Kutcher still sit on our minds, or Steve Jobs, the man, is such a precious commodity who changed the world of technology that to scorn his personal character seems abhorrent following his death. Yet, with all this in mind, the fury of Fassbender’s performance, the seductive nature of Sorkin’s script, and the innovation of Boyle’s direction just amounts to an unimpeachable biopic that’ll haunt you as you thumb the latest Apple product.

Steve Jobs is available on Netflix now! 

Mary Magdalene – Brand New Trailer!

Say what you will about religion and Christianity and the Bible, but they do make some impressive and brilliant cinematic adventures. Now starring Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix, director Garth Davis brings us Mary Magdalene.

The film tells the secretive story of Mary Magdalene, a woman who walked with Jesus and the disciples who became his greatest confidant, eventually being there when he died (spoilers, jeez.) ]

Trust us, there will be a lot of talk about why Mary Magdalene and Jesus were played by two very white, albeit very great, actors. But there are attempts to diversify this unheard of biblical tale and the gorgeous cinematography looks top notch. Plus, Chiwetel Ejiofor. He’s always a good egg.

What do you think?

Mary Magdalene is out 16th March! 

Avengers: Infinity War – Brand New Trailers & Clips!

What happens when all your favourite Marvel superheros are locked into the same movie? And I mean all. From Guardians of the Galaxy to Dr Strange, we’re going to have the biggest comic book collective movie EVER!


Look, I don’t want to bore you with details you’ve been obsessing over for years (it feels like) and we finally get to see THANOS is action! OH MY LORDY WE JUST LOST OUR UNDERPANTS!


Avengers: Infinity War is out next year!

Black Mirror “Black Museum” – Brand New Trailer!

Since Charlie Brooker conceived the devilishly dark portrayal of humanities own dystopian future, we’ve been immersed in terrible visions, socially obtuse morals, and the glorious San Junipero. 

Now the anthology TV series return. The stories tap into the future, the world of parenting, dating and love, and humanity on the brink.

With immense and horrifying story-telling, Black Mirror has certainly piqued are interested. This could be interesting, what do you think?

Black Mirror returns to Netflix 29th December!