Colin Farrell – 4 Great Performances… & 1 Naff One

Right, let’s be real here: You saw Colin Farrell’s one naff performance and snorted going “oh yeah but which one?” Because he has had some really shaky choices that were not indicative of who he is as a performer. In fact, I totally think that Farrell would do the same. But nowadays, the Irish actor has pulled himself up by the britches and now is … Continue reading Colin Farrell – 4 Great Performances… & 1 Naff One

Dissecting Hannibal

if you have only briefly hovered around me, you’ll see me talk about many things; Filth, Videodrome and Repo! The Genetic Opera are just the few names that have caused such a guttural moan in you as you’ve seen them again that it’s echoed right through your computer and into my sad heart. Sigh. Anyway, whilst the antics of Bruce Robertson may have heavily knocked Silence of the Lambs off the … Continue reading Dissecting Hannibal