Lies We Tell – Brand New Trailer!

Sometimes movies come out with once great actors  and it seems subpar. Here in Lies We Tell, Gabriel Byrne and Harvey Keitel are those actors. The film revolves around Harvy Keitel who dies  and his chauffeur Donald tries to wipe any evidence of his mistress and becomes embroiled in his bosses world. While there is always interest in the seedy underbelly, this seems a off and … Continue reading Lies We Tell – Brand New Trailer!

68 Kill – Brand New Trailer!

While I hate to throw around “heyday of horror,” because the genre has had some pretty relentless hits for a long time, I do belive that we’re heading back to our fondness for B-Horror type movies. That is more evident with movies such as The Babysitter and this: 68 Kill. Starring AnnaLynne McCord and Matthew Gray Gubler, the film revolves around Chip and his relentless … Continue reading 68 Kill – Brand New Trailer!

Human Flow – Brand New Trailer!

Tolerance, compassion, and love. These are tools that we all need in order to shift and shape the world. This is why Human Flow is a vital and important film to watch.  Human Flow is the powerful documentary about millions of people over history who have had to flee their homes due to Support movies such as this and fight back against hatred and ignorance. … Continue reading Human Flow – Brand New Trailer!

Game Night – Brand New Trailers & Clips!

Gotta love Jason Bateman. The stoic straight man who has performed in many amazing comedies but can also do a great dramatic turn makes a film an automatic must so we’re excited to see him pair off with Rachel McAdams in the trailer for Game Night. The film revolves around a group of friends who meet up regularly to play, well, games. However, when their … Continue reading Game Night – Brand New Trailers & Clips!