Deadpool 2 – Teaser Trailer

Just when you thought Deadpool couldn’t get any more brilliant and hilarious, it drops an insanely genius trailer. It is Deadpool in an hilariously over the top wig pretending to be Bob Ross, painting with colours from famous movies. It is basically your wildest dreams… If your wildest dreams were sponsored by acid! Just watch. It is brilliant! Deadpool 2 is out 2018! Continue reading Deadpool 2 – Teaser Trailer

Last Words – Short Film Review

Occasionally you come across a short film that makes you stop and just watch. Instantly, you are captivated and sent into this story through powerful visuals, glorious story-telling, and intense performance. There are goosebumps, shivers down your spine, and you head back to the start to experience it all over again. Directed by Michael Fisher, Last Words revolves around a woman who, when bitten by … Continue reading Last Words – Short Film Review

Good Time – Review

by Ren Zelen Good Time was not an ideal film to watch early in the morning. It required a generous amount of strong tea accompanied by a large Danish pasty in order to maintain sufficient mental equilibrium throughout its relentless pacing and pulsating techno-synth soundtrack. I’d had neither. My mental equilibrium was about to be shot to hell. Despite these personal deficiencies, I soldiered on … Continue reading Good Time – Review