[Cargo] – Brand New Trailer!

There’s nothing like a good indie thriller and looks like we’re getting that in this seedy film [Cargo.] Directed by James Dylan, [Cargo] revolves around a man who is locked in a box for 24 hours, with only a cell phone. He is told he has to raise ten million dollars or die. This could be a pretty intense thriller. What do you think? [Cargo] … Continue reading [Cargo] – Brand New Trailer!

A Quiet Place – Trailers & Clips

For a while, we’ve been waiting for a film that stars both Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, the ultimate husband and wife duo, and luckily, we have it in the form of horror film A Quiet Place.  Directed by Krasinski himself, the movie revolves around a family who have to live in total silence in order to hide from an entity thriving on sound. Yeah, … Continue reading A Quiet Place – Trailers & Clips