The Incredibles 2 – Trailer & Clips!

This year has been a year where we have been exhausted by sequels, reboots, and all the things we don’t need. It’s been tiring keeping up and revisiting worlds we thought were previously closed. We don’t need them. We don’t want want them. Except for The Incredibles 2, we’re stoked for the Incredibles 2! The trailer sees Jack Jack discover this powers whilst approaching an … Continue reading The Incredibles 2 – Trailer & Clips!

Mudbound – Review

American history is muddied: Soiled by building its foundations on the back of black slavery. Despite this, the USA still faces these problems, it can be seen in so many different ways. Just look around you and you’ll probably find something which displays the racial divide. It is important for cinema to keep unearthing truths. Whether they are packaged in a fictional story or based … Continue reading Mudbound – Review

Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond – Review

Let’s wind the clocks back to 2009; I’m 12. About one or two months into my first year at secondary school, and high on my obsession with Jim Carrey that started just the year before. Being able to use school computers at break and lunch meant just reading about Carrey all the time, finding out about all his films. See, at the time, I knew … Continue reading Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond – Review