Win Tom of Finland on DVD!

Stunning LGBT drama Tom of Finland  is out on Home Entertainment today. Directed by Dome Karukoski revolves around a decorated officer who returns from World War 2 only to find his new life tricky to navigate with the prejudices against his sexuality running rampant in his home town. To celebrate the release of Tom of Finland, we have 2 DVD copies to give away. All you … Continue reading Win Tom of Finland on DVD!

Tom of Finland – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

In 2017, it’s more important than ever to have LGBT+ representation in cinema. Films like Moonlight, Carol, and Call Me By Your Name have blown audiences away in the last few years, and that’s not including a whole host of flicks dedicated to the subject. But it’s important to remember that it’s also prevalent in world cinema. Tom of Finland is a great example. Tom of  Finland is the story … Continue reading Tom of Finland – DVD & Blu-Ray Review

The Big Sick – Review

Romantic comedies are dead. We’ve had enough of the same garb thrown in our face constantly. We’re so exhausted by the plight of two love-struck people who are usually white, usually stunning, and usually selfish preoccupied people who just let a good thing go by… Sure, there is nothing wrong with romantic comedies. When they are good, they are brilliant. When they are different, they … Continue reading The Big Sick – Review

The Beguiled – Review

Sofia Coppola has been a profoundly talented director since the 90s. From The Virgin Suicides to Lost in Translation, she has crafted a history of timeless movies with depth and emotion. Whilst critically analysing the state of humanity, her works equally tackle repression, secrecy, and loneliness. Her work has been studied for years, crafting a fanbase that relentlessly treat her like a cinema rock star. … Continue reading The Beguiled – Review