Cocaine Godmother – Brand New Trailer!

Do you ever hear a silly film title and just think “This is ripe for mick-taking”, then find out it’s actually serious film? Yeah. This is Cocaine GodmotherCocaine Godmother is based on the life of Miami drug lord Griselda Blanco (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a pioneer of the drug trade in the 70s and 80s.

Despite having a title  that sounds like an Adam Sandler parody of Narcos, where Pablo Escobar’s nagging aunt (Played by Sandler, obviously) takes over the drug trade, it’s actually a pretty serious film based on an interesting true story. Catherine Zeta-Jones looks the part, and the film itself honestly doesn’t look bad. Unfortunately, it’s a Lifetime picture, so there isn’t too much hope attached to it. But…Who knows?

Cocaine Godmother premieres on Lifetime on 20th January.

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