Dark River – Brand New Trailer!

There have been a lot of films about farms lately: God’s Own Country, The Levelling, and Tom of the Farm, there has been a load of barn based dramas. Now we’re getting some more with Dark River! The film sees Alice returning home to her village for 15 years after the death of her father but finds herself at battles over her family’s farm. Starring … Continue reading Dark River – Brand New Trailer!

Lu Over The Wall – Brand New Trailer!

Here at We Make Movies On Weekends, we certainly love our anime. That’s why we’re so excited for the visually beautiful Lu Over The Wall. The film revolves around a young Kai who’s whole world is turned upside down when he meets the quirky but adorable mermaid Lu. Together the pair go on some crazy adventures. Directed by Masaaki Yuasa, Lu Over the Wall looks … Continue reading Lu Over The Wall – Brand New Trailer!