The Best Of…2017

We’ve had a year of truly magnificent movies. From science fiction to romantic dramas, we’ve had such excellent films that have captured our imagination, and pushed our cinematic experience further and further beyond. We Make Movies On Weekends, we’ve gathered up some of our favourites. Here are our best: Sami Blood by Larry Oliver This year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival showcased a number of impressive … Continue reading The Best Of…2017

The Best Performances of 2017

2017 was a pretty stellar year for films; the good outweighed the bad ten fold, and at the heart of these brilliant pictures were equally brilliant actors bringing their characters to life for us to behold. So it’s time that we dive into the individuals who lit up the screen in UK cinemas this year. Honourable mentions: Michelle Williams in Manchester by the Sea, Kumail Nanjiani in The Big … Continue reading The Best Performances of 2017

Positive Film Things in 2017

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that 2017 has been a shit show. Between Trump, Brexit, and the sexual assault allegations, we have always been battered with uncovering exactly how shit humanity really is. We’re a torn species. We are at war with our goodness, our kindness, and our morals. Struggling to see hope as we enter 2018, we … Continue reading Positive Film Things in 2017

2017: The Year We Embraced the Spectrum of WWII Films

Perhaps a result of the fear that WWIII would be announced via twitter, 2017 was a spectacular year to navigate World War II films. In no particular order, we look at the range of films focusing variously on Polish, French, American, German & British victims, heroes and villains, and those that defied categorisation. From deceptively light and airy slop to visceral military engagement, we take … Continue reading 2017: The Year We Embraced the Spectrum of WWII Films