The Legacy of The Room

There are so many different genres and sub genres of films these days. There’s pretty much something for just about everyone. On the WMMOW team, we all have our own aspects of film we as individuals love whether it’s animation, horror, comedy or James McAvoy. Whilst I’m personally open to all kinds of films that aren’t rooted in the Shadow Web, there are very few things that’ll instantly grab my interest. One of those things are films that are so beyond crap they’re masterpieces of film making incompetence. I have watched and marvelled at some of the classic So Bad It’s Good films such as BirdemicFood Fight and the film that got me hooked on this genre: The Room.

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This film is arguably the best known So Bad It’s Good movie that has inexplicably achieved cult status. Why? Let’s start with the puzzling plot riddled with as many holes as Emmantal cheese. The Room follows the story of a happy go lucky bank employee called Johnny (played by Tommy Wisseau) as he prepares to marry his lover Lisa (played by Juliette Danielle). Unbenownst to him, Lisa is not only using Johnny for his financial status but is also having an affair with his best friend Mark (played by Greg Strestero). As if Lisa didn’t have enough men after her, she’s also the object of affection for Johnny’s protegee Denny (played by Philip Haldiman). On top of all this Lisa’s mother Claudette (played by Carolyn Minnott) definitely has breast cancer. Sounds confusing? That’s just the icing on the cake. This film has many characters that randomly appear only to disappear almost as fast and a plot that can’t seem to work out what it’s doing from one sentence to the next. The Room is a master class of how not to write a movie. Actually come to think of it, The Room is simply a master class in how not to make a film. There are too many misplaced establishment shots, badly dubbed ADR, an unforgivably generic score and the less said about the gratuitous sex scenes the better! A film crew of inept A-Level Film Studies students may have done a better job at making a film.

So what kind of legacy does The Room have? To me it’s amazing that it’s such a cult classic almost on par with other beloved cult classics like Rocky Horror Picture Show and Forbidden Zone. It has spawned a variety of different things more creative than the film itself including this brilliant song based on the ending by Allie Goertz, parodies by a variety of people including the Nostalgia Critic and a stage adaptation at the America Film Institute in Washington DC. Of course the biggest legacy is likely the book The Disaster Artist by Sestero which has now been adapted to film starring James Franco. The Disaster Artist is the behind the scenes story of The Room from Sestero’s perspective detailing the troubled production and the peculiar antics of Wiseau. For such a bizarre film lacking in redeeming qualities, this kind of legacy is quite an achievement beyond what a lot of better films get.

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If you’re reading this and haven’t seen The Room yet, I highly recommend it. It has inane badness at its core that’ll keep you and your friends laughing for hours. You’ll see why there are occasional screenings of the film in where fans dress up in costumes from the film like tuxedos and red dresses, armed with spoons and a near perfect memory of classic lines to recite together. Just don’t turn your nose at the So Bad It’s Good genre around fans of The Room because they will tell you to keep your stupid comments in your pocket.

The Disaster Artist is out now! 
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