Avengers: Infinity War – Trailer Discussion

So…that happened. If you weren’t lucky enough to be at Disney’s D23 or San Diego Comic-Con earlier in the year, chances are that you’ve heard of some kind of mind-blowing presentation of the next Avengers film, with Spider-Man and Iron-Man fighting together, Thor meeting up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and a bearded Captain Rodgers. You may have even been so desperate to watch … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War – Trailer Discussion

Loveless – Brand New Trailer!

Divorce can be something bitter and dark, it can be twisted and horrible, it can affect everyone around you. That’s the basis of Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Loveless  The film revolves around a Zhenya and Boris who are going through a bitter divorce. Through heated arguments, and heinous resentment, their 12 year old son Alyosha gets the brunt of their frustrations, leading him to run away. Winner of … Continue reading Loveless – Brand New Trailer!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Trailer & Clips

Dinosaurs. We certainly love dinosaurs. The bigger, the badder, the better, we say. But we’d never think about bringing them to life! Not just because it’s a bad idea but there are several movies telling us exactly what will go wrong. And here is the next one – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  The film sees our heroes return to the island in order to save … Continue reading Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Trailer & Clips

Suspiria – Review

I was in Fopp recently, listening to the most insane and eccentric piece of music I ever had the pleasure of turning around to the employees to say “what the hell is this? I love it!” To which I was presented a Dario Argento Soundtrack CD – a compilation of the horror masters seminal works and their undeniably brilliant scores. I am going to be completely honest … Continue reading Suspiria – Review

Shin-Godzilla – Review!

In recent years, it’s been hard not to feel a pang of sorrow for the gigantic radioactive lizard that is Godzilla, especially in the western world, as both recent attempts at Hollywood creating a new franchise featuring the King of the Monsters have resulted in abject failure, and a distinctly disinterested shrug from the box office audience. There are many reasons why this could be … Continue reading Shin-Godzilla – Review!