Random Acts: Fern – Short Film Review

Here at We Make Movies On Weekends, we love our weird shorts. I mean, this is coming from a company who produced a short about a murdering piece of furniture. So Channel 4’s Random acts is absolutely perfect for us when it comes for mining the weirdest and most wonderful from upcoming filmmakers. Especially when the perturb with a truly surreal story. And an obsessive plant who falls in love with a woman? Well, that just fits right in our plot plant.

Starring BAFTA-award winning Monica Dolan, the film revolves around a woman whose greenery has become somewhat…posessive.

The darkly humorous short is two minutes of hilarity. It certainly doesn’t beat around the bush as director Johnny Kelly and heads straight into the foliage fun. There is the definite wit here and I’d absolutely love to have been on set to see  the comedy, what with the movable plant arms that caress, care, and kill. Underneath the soil, however, is a tenderness and a terror that curls round you.

But, naturally, Dolan is a tour-de-force and not one minute feels unrealistic. There is genuine chemistry between here and the plant which showcases her Dolan’s marvellous talent.

It’s a bizarre but brilliant film with roots of excellence.

Random Acts is available to watch online 

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