Atila: Battle Angel – Brand New Trailer!

Remakes, re-imaginings, and adaptations of different cultures are tricky grounds to walk. I mean, look at Ghost in the Shell or Death Note; each production produced it’s own heated discussion. Now Atlia: Battle Angel is wading in. Here’s the first trailer!

Directed by Rober Rodriguez and written by James Cameron, the film revolves around Alita, an abandoned robot who is redesigned by compassionate cyber-doctor Ido an helped by the kind-hearted Hugo. However,. there’s a force threatening to take her idyllic life away. Based on a manga by Yukito Kishiro, can Atila save the way? 

The main issue here is that it is another case of a Japanese manga being turned into an America film. I mean; I am all for re-imaginings but it’s all or nothing. Waltz is still called Ido and there are Japanese references here (I mean, look at the eyes!).  The special effects look amazing and incredibe and  it is really nice to see Waltz in a less a villainy role (plus Mahershala Ali is clearly the antagonist here and he looks GREAT), but these are definitely things to think about.

What do you think?

Atila: Battle Angel is out July 10th, 2018! 

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