Star Wars: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

At the moment of this writing, I am about 16 hours away from watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi and witnessing what will be my third Star Wars film in cinemas. I am not that young, I simply missed the prequel trilogy’s cinematic release. So, in anticipation of what will no doubt be a film that will make me cry from the moment John Williams’ … Continue reading Star Wars: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

Jessica Jones – Season 2 Trailer

She’s back! Yes, our strong superhero with a sharp-ass wit and no time for your idiot behaviour is returning to Netflix after her stunning first season. That’s right, Jessica Jones is back and here’s the first trailer! The aftermath of killing Killgrave is in affect as Jessica tries to reconcile the act whilst still being haunted by the memory. But it looks as though another … Continue reading Jessica Jones – Season 2 Trailer

78/52 – Review

The sell is kind of impossible, right? “Hey you there, regular film consumers, would you like to watch a documentary shot entirely in black and white where filmmakers old, new, underground, and popular talk about this singular scene in a classic horror film?” I can’t imagine any person with an average film interest finding the premise of 78/52 intriguing, let alone entertaining. It’s like sitting … Continue reading 78/52 – Review