Mortal Engines – Brand New Trailerr!

Robert Sheehan delighted us in Misfits and has since been popping up in amazing films since. And also The Mortal Instruments.  Well, now he is exchanged Instruments for Engines in Christian Rivers’ fantasy epic. (Yes, that was an awkward segue but just move past it) Mortal Engines revolves around a dystopian future where all the worlds and cities now reside on moving vehicles and a … Continue reading Mortal Engines – Brand New Trailerr!

Ocean’s 8 – Brand New Teaser!

There may be a lot of reboots, remakes, and sequels, but we are so excited for this one. Yes, the all-female outing for the Ocean’s 11 series is going to be amazing. And the trailer is just proof. Directed by The Hunger Games’ Gary Ross and starring Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, and Rhianna (plus plenty more,) the film revolves around … Continue reading Ocean’s 8 – Brand New Teaser!

Leatherface – Review

You know the old Hollywood adage: “If you make something good and successful, rehash it repeatedly until the soul has been sucked out.” It’s been happening since the fat cats discovered they could make a quick buck from backstories, sequels, and the much forsaken remake. This is not a new thing and, especially for horror, our world has been filled with the fifth, sixth, seventh … Continue reading Leatherface – Review

Dunkirk – Review

When we hear Christopher Nolan’s name our mind wonders to the deep chasms of Inception, the sinister world of Bruce Wayne, or to the vast open landscape of Intersteller’s space. This beyond talented writer, director has dabbled in many different realms bending and pushing the boundaries of our reality as we know it; producing features that truly resonate within one’s mind. Much like the aforementioned … Continue reading Dunkirk – Review

Chameleon – Review

The world is at odds because of the social class system. The massive huge divide between culures and within those cultures. Rich and poor are segregated by entitlement and greed where the former truly believe that they are better than the latter. For many, this construct is enraging. People take to the streets to fight back against the injustice. And the madness run deeper for … Continue reading Chameleon – Review