Zac Efron’s Best Musical Moments

When Zac Efron isn’t being peed on by Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy or taking his shirt off in bad movies such as We Are Your Friends or Dirty Grandpa, he’s a musical superstar. Dancing, show-tunes, and emotions (so many emotions,) Efron is one of those guys that has it all: Looks, charisma, acting talent, and he can sing. Technically we should all be mad as … Continue reading Zac Efron’s Best Musical Moments

Our Favourite Christmas Movies

Christmas is here so some of the team is tackling our favourite festive films:  Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – Sarah The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favourite films of all time. It is by far the greatest Christmas movie because as a stranger who never had a Christmas, Jack Skellington highlights all that is great about the season (some we may have forgotten … Continue reading Our Favourite Christmas Movies

Chappaquiddick – Brand New Trailer!

Scandal and outrage has always been a part of politics. Even dating back to the Kennedy era, which is what Chappaquiddick is about. The film revolves around the aftermath of Ted Kennedy’s car crash which left Mary Jo Kopechne dead. With Kate Mara and Jason Clarke, this definitely looks interesting. What do you think? Chappaquiddick is out 2018!  Continue reading Chappaquiddick – Brand New Trailer!