Journey’s End – Review

War, bloody war. We will never escape the horrors of wars. After all, there are still rampant battles slaughtering populations and gutting civilisations. Wars are brutal and unforgiving, often at the expense of tours and tours of young people, pledging their lives to their country to defend it. It’s sad that we are still seeing warfare across the world, especially because we had two massive … Continue reading Journey’s End – Review

Mute – Brand New Trailer!

Duncan Jones is a gifted director who has crated some impressive movies such as Moon and Source Code. Now he looks to continue with the intriguing Mute.  Classed as  a spiritual sequel to his most revered work, Mute revolves around a bartender who is unable to speak but is searching through the streets of a futuristic Berlin for the love of his live. Starring Alexander … Continue reading Mute – Brand New Trailer!

Hereditary – Brand New Trailer!

Every time a horror movie trailer lands on the internet, there are loads of article stating it to be the most terrifying trailer ever. Sure, jump scares  can make you jump, but is it really that scary? Hereditary maybe. Coming from A24 and starring Toni Collette, Hereditary revolves around a family who start getting terrorised by an unknown entity after the grandmother dies. There are … Continue reading Hereditary – Brand New Trailer!

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – Brand New Trailer!

Did you ever watch (the excellent) 13 Hours, but wished John Krasinski had a bit more to work with? Yes? Well, rejoice, because so has Amazon Video. So much so that they ordered a 10-episode series led by the actor and so Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan was born. The actor will be taking up the mantle of the eponymous character, following the footsteps of Harrison … Continue reading Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – Brand New Trailer!

Ant-Man and the Wasp – Brand New Trailer!

The biggest question we all have post Infinity War is this – Where as Ant-Man and The Wasp? Now we have an answer with this brand new trailer but does it have a sting? The film is a sequel to the Paul Rudd fronted film but with Evangeline Lily as the other titular hero. The pair, naturally, have to thwart  a villain of big proportions. … Continue reading Ant-Man and the Wasp – Brand New Trailer!

When We First Met – Brand New Trailer!

OK. I’ll be honest: The idea of Adam Devine travelling back in time to try and get a girl despite her being engaged seems so ludicrous that I And then I saw it was from the creator of The DUFF, Ari Sandel. I had the same initial reaction and The DUFF is pleasantly surprising. So some interest has been piqued. Using a magical photobooth, Noah … Continue reading When We First Met – Brand New Trailer!