All This Money in The World – Review

You have to admit what Ridley Scott did was admirable.  He saw an issue and handled it like a boss. When star Kevin Spacey was outted as a malicious and vicious predator, Scott saw it fit to recast Spacey with Christopher Plummer and re-shoot the whole thing six weeks before release.  Though the film will be marred by the accusations, and, certainly, they will be consistently … Continue reading All This Money in The World – Review

Brad’s Status – Review

Middle age is a terrifying concept. It’s a period of everyone’s life where you are forced to look at who you are and what you have become. Usually happening around the forty year old mark (though, with the rise of social media, one suspects this has become sooner than that,) the phenomena puts people into a deep depression where constant comparisons to our peers leads … Continue reading Brad’s Status – Review

The Best of…Michelle Williams

There are some actors who can knock you off your feet with even just a simple expression; with The Greatest Showman out last week, and All the Money in the World hitting cinemas last weekend, Michelle Williams is all over our screens right now, so what better time to look into her truly excellent body of work. Brokeback Mountain (2005) Nabbing her first Oscar nomination in Ang Lee’s heart-wrenching … Continue reading The Best of…Michelle Williams

Game Over, Man! – Brand New Trailer!

Game Over, Man! is a new offering from Netflix this year, telling the story of three waiters (Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson) forced to become heroes when the hotel they work at is taken over by gunman. Hilarity ensues…I think? The opening scene of Shaggy being held hostage is absolute gold, but otherwise, the film doesn’t look to be anything special. Of course, that’s … Continue reading Game Over, Man! – Brand New Trailer!

Nostalgia – New trailer

“Home is where the heart is” is arguably one of the cheesiest and most overused phrases you can find, but let’s be honest, it’s true; it’s never just one place, but rather, all the places and objects where we apply our love and our memories, and if the sentiment isn’t too sickly sweet for you, then Nostalgia looks to be an excellent exploration of theme. Nostalgia stars Jon … Continue reading Nostalgia – New trailer

The Open House – Brand New Trailer!

Netflix’s film output can often be very hot and cold; not always bad, sometimes quite enjoyable, but often very forgettable and not a scratch on their TV shows. In the case of The Open House, it’s looking to be a little further down the scale. A teenager and his mother find themselves besieged by threatening forces when they move into a new house. Every trope you … Continue reading The Open House – Brand New Trailer!