Golden Globes 2018 – Film Predictions

We are now full swing into award season. The Golden Globes ceremony is just around the corner and, obviously, I had to get my predictions out there! So, without further ado, let us start! Best Motion Picture – Drama Will Win: The Shape Of Water. The aesthetics, the setting, the matter at hand, all of these are elements that Guillermo Del Toro has explored in … Continue reading Golden Globes 2018 – Film Predictions

Upgrade – Review

Leigh Whannell has directed, written, starred in, and produced in some impressive horror films. Now he’s back for Upgrade, his greatest creation yet. Set in a new dystopian world, Upgrade revolves around Grey Trace,  a mechanic who deals in fixing up retro cars for rich clients as the world becomes more reliant on technology such as self-driving cars. His latest client boy genius Eron Keen whose … Continue reading Upgrade – Review

Detroit – Review

The Detroit riot is one of the darkest chapters of the American civil rights era. With African American’s denied every civil liberty in their own country and abused by the institution’s meant to protect them, riots were sadly inevitable. Over five days two thousand buildings were destroyed, seven thousand were arrested, and,  in one horrific event,  three lives were lost during a motel raid. The … Continue reading Detroit – Review