Hellraiser: Judgement – Brand New Trailer!

When the first Hellraiser came out, we were all appalled and excited by Clive Barker’s work. The horror scared, tormented, and tortured us for years. And with everything successful thing, Hollywood has done , it naturally had 9 sequels including this upcoming one – Hellraiser: Judgement which is, happily, going straight to DVD. The film revolves around three detectives who encounter a terrible evil whilst … Continue reading Hellraiser: Judgement – Brand New Trailer!

Unpopped Kernel: Good Time (2017)

Robert Pattinson is a character actor who has gifted us with some stellar performances. In fact, he’s given us enough good stuff that we should really stop bringing up the “franchise that shall not be named,” whenever his name appears in a film. That’s because what you should feel when seeing Pattinson drenched all over the marketing and promotional material is excitement. That’s because you … Continue reading Unpopped Kernel: Good Time (2017)

Bad Day for the Cut – Exclusive Clip!

Our families protect us. They give us strength and belonging. But what happens when that is taken away and the person you loved isn’t who you thought they were? That’s the basis of Chris Bugh’s thriller Bad Day for the Cut .  Starring Susan Lynch and Nigel O’Niell, Bad Day for the Cut revolves around a  Donal, who works all day on a farm with … Continue reading Bad Day for the Cut – Exclusive Clip!