Pity – Brand New Trailer!

Sadness is addictive. There is no denying that. Just look at the throes of Facebook status, misery porn movies, and  home magazines such as Take a Break that prove that we love slather ourselves with sorrow. We adore it. Which is why Pity looks so good. Directed by Babis Makridis and written by Efthimis Filippou (who also co-wrote The Lobster,) the movie revolves around a man … Continue reading Pity – Brand New Trailer!

Darkest Hour – Review

Darkest Hour, a drama about the change in Prime Minister in Britain in May 1940 as Europe falls to advancing Nazi troops, is a triumphant return to filmmaking by British director Joe Wright. It has flaws (and I’ll get to those) but those are more than outweighed by its virtues: excellent performances, a gripping narrative and a screenplay awash with contemporary references. Beaten to the … Continue reading Darkest Hour – Review

The Little Stranger- Review

With the current trend of horror movies relying on violence and gore, an old-fashioned Gothic tale always feels welcome. Going back to an interesting narrative with subtle techniques to cause panic in its audience. The Little Stranger is a film that looked to have all the makings of a fresh attempt at the genre. Sadly, despite an impressive cast led by Domhnall Gleeson and Ruth … Continue reading The Little Stranger- Review