Looking Back…Selma (2014)

We celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr  today with looking at Ava DuVernay’s historical film Selma.  Imagine this scene – a white sheriff on top of a powerful steed cracking a whip on the back of a black woman, child or man because someone dared to challenge equality. Your mind would probably be immediately taken back to slavery; brutal owners treating ethnicity like … Continue reading Looking Back…Selma (2014)

Tokyo Ghoul – Brand New Trailer!

Everything I learnt about anime, I learnt from my little sister who is obsessed with the genre. Which means I fell into certain series. One of the best ones was the dramatic and brutal Tokyo Ghoul which, like any good product, is naturally getting a live action remake. Tokyo Ghoul revolves around a world where Ghouls run rampant, living off human flesh. Kaneke, a young … Continue reading Tokyo Ghoul – Brand New Trailer!

Walk Like a Panther – Brand New Trailer!

There are some feel good British films out there that are the backbone of our industry. It looks like we can add Walk Like A Panther to that mix. Starring Stephen Graham and I Daniel, Blake star David Johns, Walk Like A Panther revolves around a group of 80s wrestlers who get back into the ring to save their local beloved pub.. It certainly has … Continue reading Walk Like a Panther – Brand New Trailer!

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies – Brand New Trailer!

Crazy, colourful, and bonkers, there’s a lot of cartoons out there nowadays. But none as popular as Teen Titans GO! Now they have their own movie ! Teen Titans GO! to the Movies revolves around Robin who wants to be seen as a star instead of a sidekick. Bringing his team along, they are on a quest to find a Hollywood director to notice them. … Continue reading Teen Titans GO! to the Movies – Brand New Trailer!