The Best Of… Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is pretty much regarded as the Queen of Acting (Acting? Everything. Queen of Everything.) Performing since 1971, she has gifted the world with humour, emotion, power, and nuance. Ranging from a refugee to a witch, a prime minister to a magazine executive, Streep is a daring and intellectual actress who consistently monopolises acting awards because she is just that good (if, albeit, it … Continue reading The Best Of… Meryl Streep

The Best of…Tom Hanks

I’m still convinced that Tom Hanks is the light that shines in this eerie world; the man is pure joy. A delightful screen presence who can do no wrong no matter what the script, Hanks has been a favourite for many years, and now he’s back on our screens with frequent collaborator Steven Spielberg in the historical drama The Post. As such, it’s time to take … Continue reading The Best of…Tom Hanks

Django Unchained – 5 Years On

Winner of Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor, Django Unchained was met with a flurry of success. Now five years on, we look at what made the film so popular! There is no denting that Quentin Tarantino is an artist. His craft may be punchy scripts, dark humour, long haul films and ultra-violence but he is an artist nonetheless. That being said, here he … Continue reading Django Unchained – 5 Years On

The Commuter – Review

Liam Neeson recently announced that his days as an action star are over, presumably wanting to return to the kind of more highbrow fare he became famous for – Schindler’s List, Michael Collins, etc. Nevertheless, he’s back in cinemas to beat up the bad guys one more time this weekend in The Commuter, which mixes a Hitchcock-esque mystery with the kind of ass-kicking action Neeson … Continue reading The Commuter – Review