Logic Fixeth Film – 5 Ways to Fix Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Spoilers!)

When Kingsman: The Secret Service came out back in 2015, it turned out to be among the year’s best films; the comic book adaptation offered an exhilarating and hilarious lampoon on the spy genre, whilst also managing to be a great spy film itself, even surpassing that year’s Bond instalment Spectre.  Naturally, anticipating was high for the sequel. With Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman behind it, we expected … Continue reading Logic Fixeth Film – 5 Ways to Fix Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Spoilers!)

Hounds of Love – Review

You may not know of the murders committed in Perth, Australia in the 80s that Hounds of Love is loosely inspired by. However, there’s a good chance your county has its own story of the crime. Heterosexual male/female couple abducting girls to rape, torture and kill. The Canadian Barbie and Ken killers, British House of Horrors, Hounds of Love captures a thoroughly fascinating crime. The … Continue reading Hounds of Love – Review

The Wife – Review

Glenn Close is a phenomenal performer. Her work as an actress has spanned decades and have produced some of the most ground-breaking roles of all time. Perhaps best known as the infamous bunny boiler in romantic thriller Fatal Attraction, Close has immersed herself in such great films such as Dangerous Liaisons, 101 Dalmatians, Paradise Road, and has even played a mournful pirate in Hook. With … Continue reading The Wife – Review