When We First Met – Brand New Trailer!

OK. I’ll be honest: The idea of Adam Devine travelling back in time to try and get a girl despite her being engaged seems so ludicrous that I And then I saw it was from the creator of The DUFF, Ari Sandel. I had the same initial reaction and The DUFF is pleasantly surprising. So some interest has been piqued. Using a magical photobooth, Noah … Continue reading When We First Met – Brand New Trailer!

Deep Blue Sea 2 – Brand New Trailer!

SHARKS! Sharks sharks sharks sharks and more SHARKS! Yes, we’re completely excited about this because it looks cheesy as fuck. The film revolves around more enhanced  sharks that go a bit awry because nobody learns their fucking lesson the first time around. It looks to be everything we’ve ever wanted and more. Because SHARKS! Deep Blue Sea 2 is our later this year!  Continue reading Deep Blue Sea 2 – Brand New Trailer!

London Critics Circle Awards 2018 – The Winners

Saturday night brought us the next chapter of the 2018 awards season, what an amazing array of talent it was. It didn’t occur to me during the year just how great 2017 was, but seeing all these wonderful films lined up for the accolades really puts it into perspective. Here are the winners of the 2018 London Critics Circle Awards. The big winner of the … Continue reading London Critics Circle Awards 2018 – The Winners

Unsane – Brand New Trailer!

I know what you are thinking: Didn’t Steven Soderbergh retire? But, if we’re being honest, we’re totally happy that he keeps coming back to do films. Especially thrillers as intriguing as Unsane.  Taking a leaf out of Sean Baker’s book, Unsane is shot entirely on iPhone. It stars Claire Foy as a woman being stalked. After an altercation, she begins seeing him everywhere and in … Continue reading Unsane – Brand New Trailer!

The Hero – Review

Movies are other people’s dreams. Walking the line between fiction and reality isn’t exactly something new, countless films and TV shows have done that job very successfully. The Hero is one of the latest of its type, playing with our perception of what is fiction and what isn’t. The difference between the two here is, seemingly, harder to spot than what you might think. The … Continue reading The Hero – Review

Submergence – Brand New Trailer!

Here at We Make Movies on Weekends, we’re massive fans of James McAvoy (Everyone bar editor: No, Sarah, you are.) The actor has rightly paid his dues and deserves more praise for his intricate ways of performing. Now playing opposite Alicia Vikander in the latest Wim Wenders’ film, we’re delighted by the latest film Submergence. The movie sees Danielle and James, two strangers who meet … Continue reading Submergence – Brand New Trailer!