The First Purge – Brand New Trailer!

When The Purge came out, the horror had a lot of interesting ideas that were sadly squandered in a lacklustre effort. That idea, however, spawned off billions (hyperbole) sequels yet we’ve never seen how it all began.

Well, now we will in the prequel to the whole series: The First Purge. The film sees how the government decided to enact a one day rule where all crime is legal. I mean, I think we’ve got a pretty good idea (she says, gesturing at everything.)

There’s not much story-line yet because this teaser plays out like a campaign video (they’ve eve included the red hat), this could be very interesting. A bit unnecessary but very interesting. What do you think?

The First Purge  is out later this year.

Secret Cinema presents Blade Runner – The Final Cut

It’s become one of the most exciting events of the year. Secret Cinema attracts audiences from far and wide to be plonked down in the middle of the actual film. From Wim Wender’s Wings of Desire to  Baz Lurhmann’s Moulin Rouge!,  a whole plethora of movies has been reenacted in this visionary immerse film experience.

Secret Cinema began with a lot more emphasis on the first word – with audiences only receiving small instructions that being wowed with a surprise film. In their Tell No One event, this still occurs but as the event cinema progresses, as does the demand to be bigger and bolder events. So for the main ones, the big film is out, but the intricacies of the event itself are kept locked away.

This year it’s Blade Runner. Now those eagle-eyed will remember that Secret Cinema has done Blade Runner before. But with the hype of it’s sequel and a brilliant final cut in play, the show is definitely going to be more inventive and grander. After all, it’ll certainly pit replicants against humans and drown them in beautiful futuristic noir.

What do you think?

Tickets for Secret Cinema presents Blade Runner – The Final Cut go on sale at midday. 

Ridley Scott to Receive BAFTA Fellowship

The BAFTA Film Awards are certainly upon us. That means we get to talk about everything that excites and thrills us about film just gone. We also get to celebrate some heroes and icons of the British Film industry. This year, BAFTA are awarding Sir Ridley Scott with that honour.

The director has given us so many brilliant films such as the utterly incomparable Blade Runner, the best of sci-fi film Alien, and most recently All The Money in the World. His work has transgressed genres and established excellent and superb cinematic films. It’s great that he is now being honoured!

Sir Ridley Scott said: “It is a privilege to have been able to make a career for myself in this industry and to be honoured for my body of work is indeed very gratifying.”

Amanda Berry OBE, Chief Executive of BAFTA, has said of the news, “Sir Ridley Scott is a visionary director, one of the great British filmmakers whose work has made an indelible mark on the history of cinema.” 

The prestigious award is a coveted one and one of the highest someone in this country can receive. What do you think of the news?

The BAFTA Film Awards take place Sunday 18th February!