The Glass Castle – Review

Family. That is a word designed to keep us loyal. A safety net for our species where blood and kin circle with one another as though our trust and love protect us from villainy and strife. But it is also a word that keeps us locked in abuse, blindly following our parents no matter what. It keeps children stuck in the chains of their parents, … Continue reading The Glass Castle – Review

The Cloverfield Paradox – Review

It’s a bold move. It’s a very bold movie. It’s an exciting, terrific, and bold move. For as you wake this sleepy Monday morning, you’ll wake to a brand new Cloverfield movie. That’s right: in a somewhat  familiar move from the trilogy, they’ve completely dropped a whole goddamn film right onto the streaming site Netflix. No press advance, no actual trailer, no idea. And, as … Continue reading The Cloverfield Paradox – Review

Mission: Impossible Fallout – Brand New Trailer!

Ah yes, it is the return of that series which sees Tom Cruise running, recklessly doing stunts, and amazing action sequences. This time it’s Mission: Impossible Fallout.  Starring Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner, and  Alec Baldwin, the film revolves around yet ANOTHER mission that goes wrong for Ethan Hunt and his IMF team. Welp. It’s going to be a good action flick, especially with … Continue reading Mission: Impossible Fallout – Brand New Trailer!

Skyscraper – Brand New Trailer!

Dwayne Johnson is our ultimate movie hero at the moment and now he returns in action thriller Skyscraper.  Like a mash-up of Towering Inferno and San Andreas, the movie revolves around an ex-CIA operative who is now Head of Security for the largest Skyscraper in the world. But old enemies come a knocking, kidnapping his family, and locking them in the burning building. Yelp. Now … Continue reading Skyscraper – Brand New Trailer!

Solo: A Star Wars Story – Brand New Clips & Footage

There has been a lot of Chewbacca style wailing over this Star Wars prequel. From Christopher Miller and Phill Lord pulling out to rumours of re-shoots, there has never been such drama with a Star Wars film (cough cough cough.) Regardless, excitement pushes forward as a brand new teaser lands on the internet ahead of a full trailer tomorrow. The movie, obviously, revolves around Han … Continue reading Solo: A Star Wars Story – Brand New Clips & Footage

The Cloverfield Paradox – Brand New Trailer!

Years ago, the found footage horror Cloverfield made a splash. Utilising the formula well (with cinemas having to warn people of nausea and more from the film,) the tense and compelling film was genius. The 2016 follow-up 10 Cloverfield Lane was an interesting sequel but brilliant nonetheless. Today, Netflix announced the latest sequel, with trailer, and shocked everyone. Why? Because tomorrow morning it’ll already be … Continue reading The Cloverfield Paradox – Brand New Trailer!