I Feel Pretty – Brand New Trailer

The first trailer has arrived for the new Amy Schumer comedy I Feel Pretty. The film follows Schumer’s cosmetics employee Renee Barrett. An ordinary women plagued every day by feelings of inadequacies and insecurities. In a world where women are constantly judged for their appearance, Renee is bored of not being enough. One day she hits her head and wakes up seeing herself as beautiful. Despite no physical change taking place, she exudes confidence and begins to live the life she should, free of self doubt.

The film is written and directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein. The duo are responsible for romantic comedies such as Never Been Kissed and He’s Just Not That Into You.

The film has a great concept about how physical insecurities hold you back. Looking at this from a comedy angle, with Schumer at its centre, the trailer is a riot. Schumer has become an increasingly in demand talent, both in film and for her stand ups. The trailer shows Renee with her new confidence wearing what she wants, approaching men and excelling in her career, all while others act bemused by her behaviour.

Despite the fact the film is a comedy there is something very timely, and frankly liberating, about a woman saying sod it to conforming to societies standard on appearance. The snippets of Renee entering a bikini competition and baring all to a new flame will defiantly solidify your interest in this film.

As well as Schumer, the film shows support from Michelle Williams, Busy Phillips, Rory Scovel as well as Naomi Campbell and Emily Ratajkowski playing themselves.

The film is released this summer
 Are you excited?

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