The Breaker Upperers – Review

New Zealand comedy has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. That has largely been down to Taika Waititi’s gloriousness, bringing us the taste of the islands. Through films such as What We Do in the Shadows and Boy, Waititi has successfully brought the world of New Zealand to our shores without including a single hobbit. But the countries comedic history is so … Continue reading The Breaker Upperers – Review

BFI London Film Festival – Date Announcement

As you should all know, we’re very fond of the London Film Festival; it’s one of our favourite events of the year, and we’re pleased to hear that it’ll be coming back to us this October from 10th-21st. 11 days of creatively rich cinema, the BFI are now taking submissions for films to be presented at the festival. The deadline for all short films (40 … Continue reading BFI London Film Festival – Date Announcement

The Holly Kane Experiment – Review

Holly Kane (Kirsty Avery) is a 29 year old psychologist obsessed in her efforts to control her subconscious mind. Pursued by an impulsive stranger and an iconic psychologist, Holly’s drug fuelled experiments lead her into a state of paranoia and madness, as the situation becomes dangerously out of control. The Holly Kane Experiment is undeniably ambitious, but falls short of anything great; it’s strengths lie in … Continue reading The Holly Kane Experiment – Review