The Party – Review

by Ren Zelen  The Party is a stinging satire written and directed by Sally Potter. A modern drawing-room comedy which like all good guests, doesn’t outstay its welcome. It lasts only 71 minutes, but packs in some short, sharp, shocking swipes before rolling up to a punchline which will bring a wry smile to your face and leave you chuckling on your way home. A … Continue reading The Party – Review

Hocus Pocus – 25th Anniversary

At the start of October, I change my black cats purple collar to an orange one with jack-o-lanterns on it, switch to pumpkin spice flavoured coffee, and start watching Halloween films. And Hocus Pocus is always on the watchlist. A kind-of horror film for kids from the wonderful people at Disney, Hocus Pocus was a bit of a flop in cinemas, and yet somehow became … Continue reading Hocus Pocus – 25th Anniversary

The Snowman – Review

Michael Fassbender is one of our greatest actors who always performs to his best ability but sometimes gets really shoddy projects to work on. The Counsellor, Prometheus, and Song to Song are all examples of crappy movies that rarely showcase Fassbender at his acting peak. Sadly, The Snowman is another film to add to this list… Harry Hole is a detective on the edge. Despite years … Continue reading The Snowman – Review