A Gentle Creature – Brand New Trailer!

There are plenty of exciting new drams coming out and this Russian one looks to be enticing. A Gentle Creature revolves around a woman living on the outskirts of a Russian village. When she is contacted by her incarcerated husband, she has to travel to the prison in order to track down This looks to be a different and beguiling trailer, what do you think? … Continue reading A Gentle Creature – Brand New Trailer!

The Secret of the Marrrowbone – Brand New Trailer!

There’s a whole heap of fresh young talent coming to Hollywood and the film industry with their fresh faces and their just all round freshness (that came out creepier than expected.) Movie Marrowbone has a whole heap of it! The thriller stars Anya Taylor-Joy, George McKay, and Charlie Heaton. It revolves around a group of siblings to move to the countryside to live in an … Continue reading The Secret of the Marrrowbone – Brand New Trailer!

Kings – Brand New Trailer

Halle Berry and Daniel Craig are reuniting for yet another film since they walked over too each other all slinky like on the beach. This time it is in drama Kings. The film revolves around a foster family in LA just weeks before the city erupted into violence following the Rodney King trial in 1992. With stirring images and great acting, this could be another … Continue reading Kings – Brand New Trailer

The Bookshop – Brand New Trailer!

Though bookshops have dwindled, they certainly haven’t died. This latest film seems to be a celebration of those coveted shops. Directed by Isabel Coixet, The Bookshop revolves around a middle-aged video who decides to open a bookshop in a small coastal down. There she This small drama film looks to have terrific performances at the centre of it with an endearing story. What do you … Continue reading The Bookshop – Brand New Trailer!