Worst Couples on Film

There isn’t a shortage of terrible couples in film. You know the ones: the couples that have may have started off well but descended or couples that should never have even been together in the first place. Some are intentionally bad and some are bad despite the desperate attempt on the film’s part to present them as positive. To encourage healthy relationship choices, here are some of the worst couples on film.

Sandy and Danny (Grease)

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Whenever anyone suggests that the ending scenes are a positive result, I have to question whether they saw the same movie I did. Granted Grease was made in the 1970s and set in the 1950s but that doesn’t make them any less of a terrible couple. Danny is a self-obsessed, immature boy driven by entirely selfish motivations. He initially pretends he doesn’t know Sandy only to try and pursue her in some of the worst ways possible, he’s still hung up on his ex and he only proposes in order to have sex with her. The worst part is when she still says no, he tries to force her anyway. Despite all that the film acts as if a Sandy with an appearence tailored to his needs is a justified reward for a character that is an attempted rapist. I would say this should’ve strictly been a summer romance but that’s still too good for Danny Zucko.

Andy & Nate (The Devil Wears Prada)

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I can relate to the struggle this couple face. The situation is an extreme version of my own: I’m trying to build my career which has meant delaying the moving in stage of my relationship with my boyfriend in order to build my experience and create a better life. It’s not a particularly easy thing to do but we mutually support each other and make it work. Ever since this started a month or so ago, I realise how much I despised Andy and Nate as a couple in The Devil Wears Prada. Andy is trying to build her career and as the movie goes on Nate becomes decreasingly supportive of her job despite pushing her in the beginning. The icing on the cake is when he dumps her for not being present on his birthday. Yeah it’s not a great move but he knew what he signed up for. His self-centred attitude made me feel quite irritated when they agree to start dating again.

Bella and Edward (Twilight franchise)

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I never ever thought I would say this but this couple is not the worst on my list. That said, they are still an unbelievably terrible couple. Edward is initially hostile to Bella, admits that he wants to kill her, stalks her, watches her sleep, isolates her from her friends and blames her for his losses of behavioural control. Her reaction? “You’re so hot. I know there’s good in you. Let me throw away my life for you.” Couples that want to be together 24/7 rarely work out in real life but for whatever reason the Twilight franchise present it as a positive because at least they marry before they bang. The only reason anyone should use Twilight as a resource is to teach teenagers how not to have a relationship.

Christian Grey & Anastasia Steel (50 Shades franchise)

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This is definitely the absolute worst couple on my list. Edward Cullen has issues for sure but it’s dialed to 11 in Christian Grey’s character. He’s possessive, controlling to the nth degree, manipulative and unbelievably self-centered. He uses his BDSM interests as a means of abuse which is downright offensive to the real-life BDSM community. Being a Dominant doesn’t mean you treat your submissive the way Christian does to Ana. It’s the kind of activity that requires communication, safety and most importantly full consent. There’s an overused internet joke that sums the situation up well: if Christian Grey wasn’t wealthy then he’d be a villain on an episode of Criminal Minds.
Now I know what fans of 50 Shades will say: “But Jen, it’s just a fantasy. Calm down. It’s harmless.” Are you telling me that being controlled, possessed and abused by a domineering man is how you want to live your life? Do you want to be an unwitting prisoner at the wims of a man who gives little care for your own needs? That’s, for lack of a better word, tragic.

What are your least favourite movie couples? 


Berlinale 2018: Der Himmel Uber Berlin (Wings of Desire)

There’s a cool air. Unlike London, where pollution blankets us truly from the weather, the crisp freeze of Berlin settles in your bones. It’s cold. Not a throwaway statement, when they say “it’s cold,” in Berlin, they truly mean it. The city is a spectacular graffiti coloured world of modern and classic. Buildings of ever era stretch wide along the banks of the Spree, housing citizens of every culture coming to sample it’s history and it’s wild culture. It’s cold, sure. but Berlin is also full of  incomparable life.

In this brisk winter month, the Berlinale Film Festival is underway with a whole heap of spectacular movies including Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and Steven Soderbergh’s Unsane. However, as a special presentation, they showcased Wim Wender’s acclaimed cult film Wings of Desire. 

See it in Berlin itself was a spectacular event.

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Der Himmel Uber Berlin is set in the titular city, two years before the fall of the Wall. Damiel and Cassiel are the two angels who wonder around listening to the inner thoughts of Berliners and letting their presence known in time of need. When Damiel falls in love with the beautiful yet lonely trapeze artist Marion, he yearns to be a part of her world. As angels are neither scene nor heard (except by children,) Damiel renounces his immortality to be with her.

Wim Wenders directs this striking movie that is a second by second lesson in beauty. The cinematography is astonishing. We, the audience, are drawn into the world the angels live in; they see and feel only black and white. The juxtaposition against the wonderfully vibrant world that humans live in is effective. During the scenes of grey, we feel empty as though thought and feeling has escaped us. So when Damiel enters the world of colours, we too feel the innocence and naivety. Much of this is down to Henri Alekan’s cinematography and it is because of the alluring contrast that the performance are really brought out. And Wenders includes some epic moments in the film, stuff to give you pause. He shoots the film  in a breathtaking way especially a mirror scene, where we watch Marion from within the glass. It encroaches more goosebumps than the Berlin wind itself.

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As most of the dialogue is contained in narration (the angel’s listening to the thoughts,) it is up to the actors to truly act. Solveig Dommartin as Marion is simply breath taking as her loneliness etches onto her face and movements. Learning how to trapeze for the film, too, when she flies through the air, you can’t help but fall in love as Damiel did.

YetBruno Ganz’s performance as the child like Damiel that steals the film. Ganz, most famous for his portrayal of Hitler in Downfall, is incredible. He gives our lead naivety as earnest and pure as possible. As Damiel admires the humans and is enraptured with Marion, Ganz gives our angel wings. Without being over the top with his affection, he barely utters lines yet draws us into his quest. Even the supporting roles from Peter Falke playing himself, and Otter Sander as Cassiel are brilliant. The films work is subtle and sends shivers down the spine with the gentle unfolding drama.

Der Himmel Uber Berlin has some incredible lines and moments. Cassiel follows an old war torn poet who remembers previous Berlin whose memoirs contrast against the now divided Berlin.  The inner script of the people we follow really makes the film. It makes us think about those around us. What stories do they have to tell? What heartache are they suffering? In Der Himmel Uber Berlin, the angels are the watchers and only we can change the world.

“They say time heals anything, but what if time is the disease?”

Fall in love with humans again.

Watch Wings of Desire on MUBI! 

Yardie – Brand New Trailer!

Idris Elba is a man who can do it all: He’s a talented actor, he’s an incredible DJ, he raps, he’s stylish, he’s funny, and he just looks so so good. Now he takes his incredible talents behind the camera for his directorial debut Yardie.

Set in 70s Kingston and 80s Hackney, Yardie revolves around the life of D who has never recolved from the murder of his older brother. Now under the wing of a Kingston Don and a music producer, he is sent to London with hopes he can abandon his life of crime. However, when he sees the man who shot his brother, he becomes foverccome with vengeance.

The film looks incredible and is screening  Sundance London Film Festival TONIGHT! What do you think?

Yardie is out later this year!