Road to the Oscars: 90th Academy Awards – Predictions

It’s that time of the year again.

No, no, not for the awards but for us film “experts” to attempt to guess at who’s going to win big at the ceremony. This year is the 90th Academy Awards and we’re all a buzz, trying to guess the winners. Unlike last year where we had two heavy-weight champs boxing it out (La La Land and Moonlight,) we’ve got a vast array of talents that could happily scoop up the prizes without much contention.

So , out of the main awards, who do we think is going to win big?

I think at this point, we’d all be genuinely shocked if Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri left without the Best Picture gong. It’s not that I think it is better than the other outings (and, personally, I’d cry a little if Get Out one,) but it’s the one with the most weight in terms of critical and audience acclaim as well as awards it has already received. The same goes for Sam Rockwell for Best Supporting Actor and Francis McDormand for Best Actress. Following their previous wins, they are definite dead certs and should already have their speeches written.

Same for Gary Oldman in Darkest Hour (which, for sure, will win Best Make-Up and Hairstyling for transforming Oldman into Winston Churchill.)  Oldman has missed out on this award despite being one of the world’s greatest actors. And there is a presedent for awarding an older actor who should’ve won for another film (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.) There is a part of me still hopefully that Daniel Kaluuya, who had by far the better performance in Get Out,) but it seems less likely. Best Supporting Actress will be Allison Janny for I, Tonya (and the fact that supporting wins could be the best elements from The Way, Way Back makes me really happy.)

Best Original Screenplay falls between Jordan Peele and Greta Gerwig for Get Out and Lady Bird respectively, (though Martin McDonagh’s Three Billboards could possibly scoop the prize.) Either winner is a tremendous one with both films promoting originality, box office success, and progress, though I’d probably say Peele has the edge with this one, as Get Out has to leave with at least one Academy Award. It’s sad that there is a massive possibility that Lady Bird would leave the awards empty-handed. That being said, with the climate being what is, we could see Gerwig walk away as the second female director to win the Best Director prize. It’s a very slim chance, however, for anyone in the category to win against Guillermo Del Toro who has won big at other award shows and has a legacy that will help boost his chances of the gong.

Although Get Out and Lady Bird‘s odds on taking home an Oscar isn’t as high as some titles like The Shape of Water and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, it’s still a win for the two first-time directors.

Best Adapted Screenplay good fall to anyone of those nominations. We’d be more than thrilled if Logan walked away with the gong but we could definitely see Call Me By Your Name awarded here for favour of a more diverse ceremony for the Best Picture nominees (in which, they all go away with something). This Is Me from The Greatest Showman (we’re still brooding that Patrick Stump’s Who’s The (Bat)man lost out on even a nomination here,) will definitely win Best Original Song whilst Johnny Greenwood is sure to get the prize for Best Original Score for his unparalleled work on Phantom Thread. Disney Pixar’s Coco will undoubtedly win for in Best Animation though intellectually we all know that Loving Vincent deserves it more.  Richard Deakins HAS to win Best Cinematography but there is every chance they’ll award Rachel Morrison (and deservedly so too.)

With dead certs, unpredictable categories, controversies, protests, and more making their way to the coveted red carpet next month, no matter who wins, it is certainly going to be the most interesting Academy Awards we’ve had in recent years.

And last year had the Best Picture Screw-Up

Image result for ryan gosling giggle
Here’s our full list of predictions:

Best Picture
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 

Best Director
Guilermo Del Toro, The Shape of Water 

Best Actress
Frances McDormand, Three Billboards 

Best Actor
Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour 

Best Supporting Actress
Alison Janney, I, Tonya 

Best Supporting Actor
Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Original Screenplay
Get Out

Image result for shape of water

Best Animated Film

Best Documentary Short Film

Best Documentary
Strong Island

Best Original Song
This Is Me

Best Foreign Language Film
A Fantastic Woman 

Image result for a fantastic woman

Production Design:
The Shape Of Water 

Costume Design:
Phantom Thread 

 Cinematography :
Blade Runner 2049 

Sound Editing:
Baby Driver

Sound Mixing:
Baby Driver

Watu Wote/All of Us

Animated Short:

Original Score
Phantom Thread

Image result for phantom thread

Best Visual Effects:
War for the Planet of the Apes

Best Film Editing
Baby Driver 

Make-Up & Hairstyling
Darkest Hour 

The 90th Academy Awards will screen 4th March. 
Who do you think is going to win? 

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