Thor: Ragnarok – Review

Thor, with short hair? What is this madness? It almost felt like the world imploded in itself for a split second and mourned for this man’s golden locks; yet don’t let that put you off, THOR: Ragnarok is sheer hammer smashing entertainment that is sure to impress.  As an imprisoned Thor, suspended from the ceiling narrates his story to a corpse in a terribly satirical … Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok – Review

Boy – Review

Taika Waititi can do no wrong. From Eagle vs Shark to What We Do In The Shadows, this New Zealand filmmaker has delighted with his special brand of humour and character depth. In fact, last year, his phenomenal indie hit The Hunt for the Wilderpeople topped many a list for ‘Best of 2016′ and made impressive waves at the Box Office. After tackling the latest Marvel Entry, Thor: Ragnarok, his … Continue reading Boy – Review

Breathe – Review

Andy Serkis has been an undeniable talent in the British film industry, and has swept up Hollywood in his on-screen presence. Especially when it is digitally altered with computerised faux fur or alien like tendencies. He is the go-to motion capture man who has developed incredible characters such as War for the Planet of the Apes‘ Caesar, the mighty King Kong,  and most famously Gollum … Continue reading Breathe – Review

Berlinale 2018: Songwriter – Review

Ah, Ed Sheeran. That carrot topped genius. That small hobbit-like mastermind. That crooning pasty white boy. If we were all being honest with ourselves, we’d admit that we can’t help but love your music. From the cheesy to the stirring, Sheeran has amazed us with his fabaroo talent. Naturally, like with most music type people, this would transcend into cinema. Whether that’s a star-studded biopic … Continue reading Berlinale 2018: Songwriter – Review

Berlinale 2018: Der Himmel Uber Berlin (Wings of Desire)

There’s a cool air. Unlike London, where pollution blankets us truly from the weather, the crisp freeze of Berlin settles in your bones. It’s cold. Not a throwaway statement, when they say “it’s cold,” in Berlin, they truly mean it. The city is a spectacular graffiti coloured world of modern and classic. Buildings of ever era stretch wide along the banks of the Spree, housing … Continue reading Berlinale 2018: Der Himmel Uber Berlin (Wings of Desire)